Katie Jordans

Born and brought up in Harrow, north-west London, I came to Germany in my mid-twenties, intending to stay a year – and have been here ever since, having married a German and had two children. New to Bonn and a rather lonely mother to two little ones, my life totally changed in 1981 after a chance meeting with a very persuasive English lady who had no trouble convincing me to join the newly formed British Embassy Players and perform in Murder in the Cathedral. Since that time I have acted in more than twenty plays and helped backstage in different capacities in almost every production, except for times when we lived for a few years in Singapore and Shanghai. In 2014 I directed Abigail’s Party, an extremely enjoyable experience with a dream cast. I have also had stints on the committee including a period as Chair.

The Bonn Players have been a key part of my life for forty years providing fun, friendship and creativity. I have met so many talented, selfless, dedicated people and can honestly say that I have probably always enjoyed the rehearsal period more than the actual performances. That process of creating a production with like-minded people all working towards the same goal has been a huge source of fun and inspiration for me throughout my life in Bonn. Long may The Bonn Players continue and thrive!

The Bonn Players