Christopher Nott-Held

I am Christopher Nott-Held, born in London in 1956. I am married with an adult daughter. I grew up in Southall, a multicultural suburb of London predominately inhabited people of Indian or Pakistani origin. I left Britain in 1974 to see the world and ended up living in Munich before moving to Bonn in 1993. I retired after 42 years in the IT Profession at the end of 2016 and went to drama school, graduating in July 2020. Thus, my “retirement profession” is as a professional actor. My other artistic passions are singing and playing saxophone.

I joined the Bonn Players after watching A Pity about Kitty in the autumn of 1994. Not having acted since school, in the beginning I always auditioned for the smallest parts possible. The unique thing about The Bonn players is that you can walk in from the street, audition, and then be on the stage. The auditions are 100% fair and devoid of internal politics. Apart from my obvious passion for acting, I had the opportunity to be involved in preparing theatre productions on all levels with a fantastic team whilst speaking my mother language. I have worked in almost all departments of the productions. For quite a few years I have been mainly responsible for transporting the set backwards and forwards to the theatre – this gives me the chance to drive the big van!

The Bonn Players