2021 marks the 40th anniversary of The Bonn Players (originally The British Embassy Players) and we plan to make it an action-packed and exciting one. Covid-19 regulations permitting, we hope to offer a year of fun, participation and creativity with two “blockbuster” productions in the summer and late autumn, as well as an event each month.

Our participation in FEATS in The Hague in 2020 and also in Brussels in 2021 was scuppered when the festivals had to be cancelled due to Covid-19, but we are hoping to perform both our entries (and more) later in the year at venues across Bonn.

In addition to performances we will be holding feasibility readings – hopefully together again and with our renowned delicious buffets. However, if that is still not possible, these can be held very successfully online, as can our monthly play-reading sessions.

The quiz evenings will be continuing in 2021, as will our workshops, either live or online.

In 2021 we are also focusing on looking ahead and ensuring that The Players stay vibrant and relevant, through new activities such as The Youth Theatre Group and poetry/prose sessions.

We are preparing a book to commemorate the 93 performances that The Players have put on since 1981. This will include a history of the group, anecdotes and testimonials on the creation and performing of each production. The book will be ready towards the middle of 2021 and will be made available to you all to purchase.

Members-Only Event

Cancellation of our Gala Dinner

With huge regret and after much consideration and discussion, the committee have made the sad decision to postpone our 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner until next year.

The uncertainties regarding the COVID situation make it hard to guarantee that the event we had all been anticipating with great excitement would actually be possible.

Since the Dreesen Hotel require 8 weeks notice if we cancel, time is running out and many members have been feeling loathe to make a firm commitment at this point in time, especially until everyone has been vaccinated. We did not want to compromise on the type of celebration we had planned, namely a wonderful evening meeting with you all, and with past members travelling, especially from the UK for a Grand Reunion. These guests obviously would need time to book flights and ferries without fear of cancellation or the risk of having to quarantine upon return.

Furthermore, the idea of possibly having to sit socially distanced, wear masks, and not be able to hug each other, etc. also confirmed our feeling that it would be better to postpone until next summer and then enjoy the event with no constraints.

But as they say in Germany: “Aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben.“ (Postponed does NOT mean cancelled.) We know that you will be disappointed by this news, but rest assured that we are already in discussion with the Dreesen Hotel concerning a date next summer.

Watch this space…

The Bonn Players