Welcome to the new Bonn Players’ website,
which provides information about our wonderful English-speaking,
not-for-profit, community theatre group.

Our Vision

The Bonn Players e.V. is a Bonn-based, English-language community theatre company. Founded in 1981, we provide anyone who loves theatre in English with an opportunity to produce and perform plays.
  • We are firmly embedded in the Bonn cultural scene and perform for local and international audiences.
  • We are a volunteer-driven, non-profit organisation with a diverse group of members from across the globe.
  • The bond that unites us is a passion for theatre and storytelling.
  • Our artistic vision is theatre that engages, questions, provokes and entertains.
  • Our activities include a monthly play reading group, regular feasibility readings, skills workshops, plays and participation in theatre festivals.
  • We are also committed to nurturing theatre-related skills in our members and retain and improve the quality of our productions.
  • We are an open and transparent organisation and are always looking for new members to work with us.


A message of welcome from our Chair

It is a great honour and privilege to serve as the current Chair of The Bonn Players, a role I assumed in August of 2020, on the eve of celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2021 and in the midst of the Covid pandemic. We are now working hard to build-back our resource base and ensure we can celebrate the next 40 years as Bonn’s primary English speaking theatre group.

The Bonn Players represents so much more than just an amateur English speaking theatre group. Firstly, because the consistently high standard of the productions we perform are anything but amateurish in nature, and, secondly, because the people who make up its ranks, whether they fervently learn lines to tread the boards, read plays, design and manufacture sets, costumes and props, prompt, work backstage, do stage make-up, direct, or assist the audience at the front of house, every single one of them contributes towards creating a warm and caring community of people who just happen to share a love of all things theatre.

If I have whetted your appetite, please come along and watch one of our productions and register for our mailing list so as not to miss any upcoming events and productions, or better still, become a member and experience this wonderful community theatre group for yourselves!

Tracy Tollmann, Chair of The Bonn Players Committee


The Bonn Players Committee

The Bonn Players is an “eingetragener Verein” (abbreviated to e. V.) or (in English) a registered voluntary association.

In accordance with The Bonn Players Constitution, our organising body is the board and advisory board, known as The Bonn Players’ Committee.

The Chair, Vice-Chair, and the Committee Members are elected every year, at our Annual General Meeting, by the membership who are present.

Gina Kelly

Gina Kelly

Committee Vice-Chair

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The Bonn Players