How do we let our potential audience know about our productions?

Thanks to our dedicated graphic designer, and a very small (volunteer) creative team, The Bonn Players produce dynamic and eye catching posters, flyers, programmes and distribution materials for every production, event and activity. As part of our commitment to sustainbility, we are now moving away from printed materials,and are embracing electronic and digital marketing opportunities.

We are looking for new team members (with some existing skills in graphic design, computer software such as Adobe Illustrator) to assist with creating these materials.

We also need people with strong customer-facing skills to liaise with local press, radio & media, theatre partners, new performance venues and community organisations. Contact our Pubilcity team at ed.sr1718335794eyalp1718335794nnob@1718335794ofni1718335794.


For our 40th year (2021), we have launched our new website but we want it to be so much more…..

Our goal for the year is to add more pages, featuring our colourful history, showcasing hundreds of production photos, documenting personal stories and shared experiences and spotlighting our achievements over the past 40 years.

But we also want build our create a learning and skills resource centre for our new and aspiring actors, directors, stage managers, set designers and technical teams for the years ahead.

Can you help? Do you have experience of building and maintaining websites (WordPress based), and a few hours a week to help us create? Or can you share your knowledge, skills and time to establish our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, blogs and live streams?

Please contact ed.sr1718335794eyalp1718335794nnob@1718335794ofni1718335794


With a mailing list of over 3000 potential audience members, becoming a Bonn Players’ sponsor, hosting one of our performance events or advertising in our e-programmes is an excellent way of promoting your business and supporting us at the same time.

If you are interested in discussing the possibilities available for sponsorship, corporate events (such as Dinner Theatre, Murder Mysteries, dedicated readings and performances) or advertising space in our digital marketing portfolio, contact our Marketing team at .ed.s1718335794reyal1718335794pnnob1718335794@ofni1718335794

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