Well, you have read the script, workshopped character motivation with the other actors and learned your lines. You have researched the history of the time of the play, checked what the weather is like for the scenes portrayed and worked out what you are thinking for each scene. You have asked the director whether you need to grow a beard or shave it off and what costume will be needed. The scenes have been blocked by the director in the first rehearsals, so you know where you should be during each scene. So, you are ready for rehearsals with the team, but… how should you stand, what should you be doing when you are not speaking? Here are a few tips: first you are playing to an audience so make sure the audience always sees your face, for example when you are in dialogue with another actor you need to stand diagonally to the audience – the audience may not be that interested in seeing your profile when you’re not speaking.  Leave the focus to the actors who are – but always stay in character!

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The Bonn Players are not focused entirely on presenting two main annual productions in May and November; we also offer our members a variety of workshops that are designed to support members’ skills as well as ‘show them the ropes’ regarding acting, directing and many other related techniques. Amongst our own members we find many skills that they can pass on to our wider membership in the form of a workshop. However, we also involve professionals from time to time and in the past we have welcomed a professional stage director from the UK, two young professional actors, also from the UK, and a local voice and speech trainer. We are always looking for new ideas to improve our skills and broaden our knowledge in every aspect of performance, production and technique.

Our workshops are open to members only, sometimes at a small extra cost, and we encourage everyone to take up this opportunity in order to meet and interact with other members as well as improve their skills.

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Lying sprawled across the couch binge-watching film series on online-streaming services is initially relaxing, but soon gives you a backache and leaves you unsatisfied. Why not tell stories with others on a stage to an audience who wants to listen?

To put a play on stage there is far more to do than moving around the stage reciting scripted lines. Plays, like films need to be designed and constructed. Sets have to be designed and built. Costumes have to be designed, procured and fitted. Makeup has to be decided on and applied. Lighting has to be designed, set up and operated. Background sound has to be designed, recorded and tested. Theatres have to be rented, tickets sold. Performances have to be advertised and reviews sought. The audience has to be assisted in and out of the theatre and everything has to be cleared up after the show is over. After all this, at the final party, you can celebrate with the team and be satisfied that together you have created art. Wonderful!

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